Organic, a mirror to suit all tastes

28 May, 2024

Choosing a bathroom mirror is a decision that goes far beyond aesthetics. Other factors such as practicality, the wall where it will be placed or the style of the space must be taken into account in order to match the mirror.

In this vein, frameless mirrors are those pieces that, besides being practical, can completely change the appearance of any bathroom.

Amongst our frameless mirror collections, we find the Organic Mirror which, with its ambient light, organic shape and smoothly polished edges, creates the effect of it floating on the wall, creating a minimalist and serene environment. What’s more, it has a touch sensor which allows it to be easily controlled from the mirror itself.

Organic is a piece that fits all tastes and is able to fit in trouble-free thanks to its minimalist style. Not only that,but its effortless modern touch allows the bathroom to look much bigger than it really is.