How to light your bathroom right

14 January, 2020

Lack of light in the bathroom is a common problem in homes, especially in older buildings due to their design. But there are several aspects you should bear in mind when looking for ideas to brighten up your bathroom. We’ll tell you all about them in this post and provide you with several options.

There are 3 essential aspects to bathroom lighting: space, functionality and safety. If you take these factors into account, you can achieve a perfectly lit bathroom without sacrificing style or peace of mind.

The size of the room may seem irrelevant but it’s actually very important as this determines the different sources of light you’ll need. A small bathroom shouldn’t be overlit; just one light on the ceiling for general illumination and another source in the vanity area to provide more focused light is normally enough. On the other hand, two sources of light might not be sufficient for a large bathroom and you may need to add a third for potentially darker areas, such as the shower.

The intended function of the lighting is closely related to our previous point, so the next step is to think about the quality, intensity (i.e. the amount of light emitted, usually measured in lumens) and tone of light required for each area, especially around the mirror as this tends to be used for tasks that require more precision and attention to detail. That’s why FOCCO’s LED bathroom mirror lighting is designed to provide uniform, shadow-free illumination to light up all the details and prevent glare.

People often pay a lot of attention to design but neglect issues such as safety or potential eye strain. Bathroom light fittings often come into contact with splashes and moisture and this can lead to short circuits or fuse the bulb. That’s why all FOCCO’s bathroom lighting products have an IP44 protection rating which means they have passed all the necessary tests to make them safe for use over the basin area in the bathroom.

Another potential problem is flicker, which can cause discomfort in some people and even lead to headaches or dizziness. That’s why the flicker level of all FOCCO’s products is below the perception threshold of the human eye, designed especially for people who are particularly sensitive.

Once these 3 key aspects have been sorted out, it’s time to look at the different styles. One of the advantages of LED lighting is that you can illuminate your bathroom with the very latest designs on the market, both in LED bathroom mirrors and lights.

Best option: LED bathroom mirrors and lights

LED bathroom mirrors and wall lights are the latest trend in bathroom lighting. They give a cleaner, more uniform light that prevents shadows being cast on your face whilst also saving on your electricity bill.

LED bathroom mirrors

LED bathroom mirrors are a great way to light up your bathroom. This lighting system is integrated within the mirror itself, giving bathrooms a more modern and highly decorative look whilst also being extremely practical. And as it’s integrated, you don’t have to install two different products; you get everything you need in one unit, which also makes it easier to clean.

FOCCO’s Uma, Mia and Collete mirrors are perfect if you’re looking for this type of illumination for your bathroom and their LEDs will provide you with the perfect lighting quality and energy savings with the latest trend design.

LED Bathroom lights

If you’re looking for great functionality combined with contemporary design, then FOCCO’s LED bathroom lights are the right choice. They’re located at the top of the mirror to provide the perfect light for when you need to see exactly what you’re doing, such as with shaving or applying make-up.

Led bathroom light like Pandora Black and Irene by FOCCO are ideal for such tasks as their design has paid particular attention to the radius of light provided, ensuring all the ergonomic points around the basin are illuminated so you can stand naturally and comfortably in front of the mirror.

In short, if you want the best lighting for your bathroom. LED bathroom mirrors and lights are the right choice in terms of design, functionality, safety and saving – and you’ll save on your electricity bill, too. So, now you know all the advantages, which option do you prefer for your bathroom?