Trendsetting illuminated bathroom mirrors by FOCCO in 2020

3 March, 2020

The mirror is one of the most important accessories when it comes to decorating the bathroom, as it is a key piece that defines the style to be followed. That’s why at FOCCO we believe that choosing the right mirror is essential, both to design a modern room and to have the right lighting. In this post we explain the 2020 trends in illuminated mirrors for your bathroom.

The most important trends in bathroom mirrors in 2020

In order to achieve a modern and trendy design, it is crucial to follow a certain homogeneity with the style of the bathroom. Taking into account details such as the shape or size of the mirror and the colours to be combined, we will be able to switch from a simple and boring bathroom to one with style and functionality.

Matt black finishes and metal frames are featured as new this year

Dark colour becomes fashionable again in interior design, and especially in the bathroom. Given that this is a room in which light and white tones predominantly appear, the black finishes stand out over the rest, creating a more up-to-date and renewed look

At the same time, mirrors with metal frames are also one of the options that experts prefer, as they combine perfectly with the traditional colour of other bathroom accessories such as the tap or the towel rail that usually feature in this type of finish.

The MIA mirror by FOCCO fits in perfectly with this trend and brings style and modernity to the room.

The round mirror is still the favourite, but newer and more innovative round shapes are appearing

The round backlit mirrors are still one of the great challenges for decorating the bathroom. Actually, following this trend, bathroom mirrors have evolved towards oval and organic shapes, which offer a differential value and may be a very useful tool if we want to give a new stylish touch to our bathroom.

Horizontal formats for more light

The large mirrors are gathering strength in modern bathrooms in 2020, since they can be combined with two basins and be used by more than one person, without any loss of light in the room.

Their elegant metal frames, their soft rounded lines and the homogeneity of the light that is projected make them the perfect choice to decorate the bathroom and get an unbeatable lighting at the same time.

Technology applied to the mirror: Touch sensors, bluetooth and voice control are the latest achievements in intelligent mirrors.

One of the trends that is giving a lot of talk in this 2020, are the mirrors with Bluetooth technology incorporated. This bathroom accessory comes with built-in speakers, you can plug in a smartphone or tablet and play your favorite music playlist. Taking a shower or completing tasks such as putting on make-up or shaving will be much more fun and amusing

And home automation is also coming into its own in the field of bathroom decoration. Voice-controlled mirrors are just around the corner. Using these mirrors we can turn on and off or regulate the intensity of the light, as well as change the song on the playlist, just by saying so.

At FOCCO we consider the latest technological innovations and that is why we offer a complete range of mirrors with the latest features on the market.

The year 2020 is full of new features in terms of bathroom decoration. If you are looking for a new perspective for your bathroom, FOCCO’s illuminated mirrors, which combine design and innovation with the highest quality of light, are the perfect partner for your day-to-day needs