We work with the best LEDs, we work with Samsung

17 February, 2023

It is of vital importance to us that all our products are made of high-quality materials. To guarantee that each of the elements that are integrated in our mirrors are manufactured and developed with materials that favour better functionality and the highest reliability in the market.

At FOCCO we know that a bathroom is one of the rooms that requires more and better lighting. This is why we work with Samsung LEDs, because with them we certify important factors such as:

Great performance: high efficiency in lumen/watt ratio, such that energy consumption is optimised, since the energy is used as much as possible to convert it into light. This also makes them more sustainable.

Lower rate of failure: we offer the reliability and guarantee provided by a brand like Samsung.

Chromatic reproduction. CRI 90: this allows us to guarantee that the lighting of our products reveals a natural colour in the objects.

Uniformity of class: we ensure that the LEDs are classified by criteria such as LED lumens, CCT, etc., so that aesthetically the differences between the different diodes and the light are not apparent and it is completely uniform.

Long useful life: these LEDs have a guaranteed useful life of 35,000 hours, without losing their lighting quality.

Because FOCCO is synonymous with quality, we always work with the best materials.