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MIA BLACK, FOCCO’s top new mirror

29 June, 2022

If in its aluminium finish version, this mirror has been, and is, a FOCCO top-seller, now we present its black version. And there is no doubt that the style total black  is a hit in bathroom decoration. Because it is...

FOCCO is renewing its Catalogue to offer the most complete range on the market

27 May, 2022

At FOCCO, we have updated our catalogue with the aim of completely covering the range of products that may be of interest to any large DIY store and, in this way, covering all your needs. With that same premise, we...

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Metallic finishes, your best allies to decorate your bathroom in the latest fashion

11 October, 2021

If you really want to be up to date with the latest trends in bathroom decoration, metal profiles are a must. They have become the best allies for merging the most eclectic fashion of the 70's with the most industrial...

Organizing mirror, designed to make the most of space and create unique compositions

26 March, 2024

When it comes to making the most of space, we need every help we can get and even mirrors can be a great ally. Especially in bathrooms, where the right storage ensures that the room remains tidy and harmonious. Being...

User Center, the informational platform you can use to get the most out of our products

21 February, 2024

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we have opened a new section on our website: User Center. It is an informational platform with documents and tutorials created to answer after-sales questions that may arise to the user. Convenient and easy...

The daily routine is now more convenient and customisable than ever with FOCCO Function Mirrors

6 February, 2024

The daily routine is now more convenient and customisable than ever with FOCCO Function MirrorsA warm light for a more relaxed atmosphere or a more vibrant light to give you energy in the morning? Every mood has a matching model!...

Optimise your customer service to the maximum with the FOCCO Training Programme

14 November, 2023

In the world of customer service, specialisation and in-depth product knowledge are key. And at FOCCO we are committed to being your perfect partner in the pursuit of excellence in your sales team. That's why our Training Programme is a...

Discover the new FOCCO catalogue. The first step to offer your client the model that best suits their needs

19 September, 2023

FOCCO does not want to miss the opportunity to present you its renewed catalogue, designed to cover all your needs in terms of lighting for bathroom spaces. We want to become your perfect partner to keep your inventory up to...

The elegance of Arianna, an exceptional visual experience

11 August, 2023

In the world of interior design, round mirrors have become the latest statement in style. Its soft and harmonious forms add a touch of elegance and distinction to any space. And when looking for a round mirror, Arianna is the...

Qlick Install FOCCO

Qlick Install, the installation system we provide is safer and easier.

15 July, 2023

Our commitment to research and innovation means we are constantly looking for details to offer products with cutting-edge technology in bathroom lighting. Thanks to this, Qlick Install was born, an installation system we provide which is safer and easier. Often...


Innovation and efficiency as hallmarks of FOCCO LEDs

2 June, 2023

At FOCCO we are committed to evolving as a brand and along these lines we bring together in our catalogue the most efficient LED lighting systems with a longer useful life to date. And this is possible thanks to the...